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Real, Feel You & Waiting For The Sun
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huh?! farmers..?
as blue as it gets
man in white
hmmm... what is the girl thinking?
sounds like a full drum kit when played with kick/snare feel
how about we do it this way...? rehearsals
huh?! do they live in that mill...?
girl in control
try to find the light in someone
C414 mic + Humming: beautiful combination
rock the parking place
the oldest 6-string I have, a white Unicon from the early seventies, with built in pick-up for amp options
girl walking the Via delle grazie?






































































Cover - Via delle Grazie


walking the Via delle Grazie: 'during any creative process flow seems the way to go... but how to get there and how to stay there longer? as recording is more than capturing the so called perfect part.. how about feel and vibe... in all it's been a fascinating trip making Via delle Grazie (meaning: 'road of thanks/grace' in Italian)... have a listen? click songs in the tracklist below... enjoy our alternative roadtrip album...' thanks, EL & Onno, Red to Violet

tracklist NEW ALBUM (LISTEN below on YouTube)
1. Waiting for the Sun
2. Feel You
3. Blue
4. Feel Good Today
5. So Hard
6. Venus
7. Wouldn't Wanna Change a Thing
8. Real
9. Through the Eyes of Love
10. Into this Refrain
11. I Love you I'm Sorry (Hawaiian prayer)
--- all songs written by Red to Violet, except Venus: written by Robbie van Leeuwen --- produced by Red to Violet & mastered by Don Tyler (Beck, Dylan) at Precision / IO Mastering, Los Angeles --- broadcast quality recording & mastering

we mainly used real sounds: vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, piano, strings, bass, cajon, drums, percussion  click for real sounds.

why the album title Via delle Grazie? it means 'road of thanks, road of grace' in Italian.. after experiencing past and present  while walking the Via Francigena (pilgrimage route in Italy) - it felt like the right title for this recording trip


Indie alt rock duo Red to Violet are singer EL and guitarist Onno from the Amsterdam area in The Netherlands; intuitive musicians, songwriters, producers, mind-, soul- and sound surfers. '...We love creating and building energy, working for hours in the studio... and we look forward to share our songs live... BTW: the album title Via delle Grazie means road of thanks, road of grace. --- all songs written by Red to Violet, album produced by Red to Violet & mastered by Don Tyler at Precision / IO Mastering Los Angeles.

Very addictive
'Red to Violet, these recordings have a maturity and professionalism that sets them apart from your previous work... Great words. Great vocals. Very addictive. Outstanding instrumentation. And the guy that did your mastering hit a home run. I can see this being a commercial success. This work is world class!!!!!'
(Dennis German, Canton, Michigan, U.S.)

"Red to Violet have hit it out of the park with their new album Via delle Grazie" James McQuiston (NeuFutur magazine) on Facebook

"Excellent tracks"
"The tracks are excellent and we are looking forward to airing them on both our stations"
(Kenneth Fryer, Radio Arcadia, Toronto, Canada)

What a voice!
"Very beautiful and laidback, sensitive, intense, soft rhythms and what a voice! Walking on the Via delle Grazie!"
(Volkmar Muhleis, Bruxelles, Belgium)

"New Zealand radio
"Loved the tracks... great sound!"
(radio DJ Graham Barclay, SoundwaveFM, Napier, New Zealand)

Australia radio
"We love the tracks! will be featured on Neue Regel Radio New Jersey and Ripple Hive Radio out of Australia"
(Michael Presti, station manager Neue Regel Radio, Australia)

Germany radio
"I like the songs a lot. I'd love to play them on our show"
(Derk Klein, FLR4music, Germany)

U.K. radio
"Your music fits in well on my Monday shows, many thanks."
(Chris Duval,, Kent, England)

U.K. radio
"About Feel Good Today: "I have added your track to our playlist."
(Mike Evans, main voice of, Sheffield, UK)

Canada radio
"Just so you know, I frequently play tracks from Surrender to the Unknown, so I am looking forward to the new tunes."
(Eric Wincentsen, Max Radio, Vancouver, Canada)

U.S. radio, Columbia, SC
"Your song should air on the show in the coming weeks."
Randy Borawski, WXRY Unsigned, 99.3FM, The Independent Alternative)


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